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Latest - There are 130 new images with this update from the last week of Home and Away including: Bonnie Sveen, Cassie Howarth, Demi Harman, Emily Symons, Georgia Chara, Isabella Giovinazzo, Jessica Grace Smith, Kassandra Clementi, Kelly Paterniti, Lisa Gormley & Philippa Northeast.

Another decent week this time for the Home and Away babes.

Highlights this week include all the skoolies early in the week as the school elections were taking place. In the middle of the week there was some nice images of Philippa Northeast in some denim shorts I really liked.

Perhaps the highlight of the week though was Cassie Howarth in a bikini. The bit I liked the most was when she was being carried on Andy Barrett's shoulder to the sea and her arse was bouncing. It was very sexy. I have made a video and included it in the videos section. You should watch out for the bum bouncing. It's pretty.

The latest images are on 4 pages.

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