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Latest - There are 86 new images with this update from the last week of Home and Away including: Ada Nicodemou, Bonnie Sveen, Bridgette Sneddon, Cassie Howarth, Demi Harman, Emily Symons, Isabella Giovinazzo, Jessica Grace Smith, Kassandra Clementi & Philippa Northeast.

An ok week this time for the Home and Away babes.

Highlight of the week this time was probably Cassie Howarth. At the start of the week we saw her in a bikini top and then right at the end of the week she was seen in some naughty black lingerie. There is only one image of Cassie in the black lingerie and it's quite dark so it doesn't stand out too much. So don't miss it just because you can't see what is going on in the thumbnail.

By the way. What do you think is wrong with Ruth? I always try my amateur sleuth thing when someone presents with some mysterious condition and try and predict what it is. At first when she collapsed at the end of the previous week I assumed it must have been a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) caused by her long haul flight back to Australia. As she clearly wasn't ill while away but then suddenly became unwell on her return. However, during the week the doctors have said she definitely has an infection of some sort, which would rule out DVT. My next guess is some tropical disease like malaria or dengue fever. However, she would had to have been away somewhere tropical and I don't know she was. I wasn't paying much attention to where she had been. It's a curious case. I guess I've watched too much House and now think I'm some sort of M.D. 500/1 shot: Ebola. Anyone?

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